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Fri Sep 3 11:12:51 PDT 2004

it was said:

>I'm looking for some information on the Errata Branch for 4.10. I just

>re-installed my FreeBSD system and am now running 4.10-RELEASE. I want

>to make sure that I am running with the most-up-to-date security
>patches applied.
>I would like to know the steps necessary for appling the changes in 
>RELENG_4_10. Also how can I tell if the security patchs and code fixes

>have been applied.
>My stable-subfile:
>*default base=/usr
>*default prefix=/usr
>*default release=cvs tag=RELENG_4_10
>*default delete use-rel-suffix


Your supfile is correct for what you want to do. If you read the faq at (#11), however, you will see that on the _first_
cvsup, a slightly different method is recommended to ensure your
checkouts file is correct. In your particular case, in place of
tag=RELENG_4_10, you should have tag=RELENG_4_10_0_RELEASE
list=cvs:RELENG_4_10. Then, when that finishes, change the tag back to
tag=RELENG_4_10 and delete the list= portion of the line. Then run
cvsup again. Remember, you should do this only on the _first_ cvsup;
all subsequent times, ignore this step.
As for checking that you properly updated, after building and
installing world and kernel, run uname -a. You should see
4.10-RELEASE-p2. If you do, the src patches are installed. (The p2
shows your patch level. Right now, for 4.10, it is p2.)
Speaking of src patches, you have only src-all in your supfile. This
means your ports, docs, and cvsroot will _not_ be updated. If you
intend that, fine, just making sure you know. If not, add ports-all,
docs-all, and cvsroot=all to your file.



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