Fwd: Dell PowerEdge 400SC fan speed monitoring

FreeBSD user bugrpt51 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 3 11:00:28 PDT 2004

Howdy gang,

I've got a Dell PowerEdge 400SC running 5.3-BETA2 nicely, and I'd like
to be able to monitor the internal fan RPM, if possible. The PE 400SC
motherboard is very similar to an Intel D875PBZ. I've added the
following SMBus options to my kernel:

# smbus interface to Intel ICH5 management
device          smbus           # Bus support, required for smb below.
device          ichsmb
device          smb
# IIC devices to support motherboard monitoring
device          iicbus
device          iicbb
device          iicsmb

# devices I've added at the suggestion of Google and man pages:
device          intpm
device          pcf

But none of the fan speed monitoring ports I've tried will give any
useful results for fan speed. I've installed sysutils/xmbmon, which
gives reasonable looking values for the chipset, motherboard, and CPU
temperatures (95, 104, and 88 degrees F, respectively), but lists fan
speed as "0". sysutils/healthd, when run in non-daemon mode using the
SMBus, reports tempertature at 0, 0, 0, and fan rotational speed at an
unreasonable-looking 0, 22500, 9642. sysutils/consolehm won't compile
in SMBus support unless I symlink /usr/include/dev/smbus/smb.h to
/usr/include/machine/, and then it reports 40.0 degrees C for all 3
temperature sensors and some wacky numbers for fan RPM like 8k, 33k,
and 16k.

Is anyone else able to monitor their PowerEdge 400SC fan speed(s)? Does
anyone have suggestions for getting this working? Am I just chasing my
tail with this? Tune in next week as we present the next gripping
episode of ... As the server turns!



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