Enabling Serial Console

Steve Bertrand steve at ibctech.ca
Fri Sep 3 07:21:38 PDT 2004

> Wish to enable the serial console on my servers so that I can remotely
> view a reboot when it crashes ... I know to  plug the serial cable
> into
> COM1 ... and I know I have to add something to /boot.config, but, if I
> want to set it so that even if the keyboard is plugged in, the serial
> console works, what do I need to add?  I always thought -P, but
> reading
> the man page, I'm not so sure :(

I believe what you are looking for is:

# echo '-h' > /boot.config

> Also ... I'm going to cross-connect the servers for now ...
> ServerA/COM1->ServerB/COM2, ServerB/COM1->ServerC/COM2, etc ... what
> happens if all machines come up at once?  I see nothing in the man
> page
> about 'detecting serial', so I'm assuming that the serial console will
> still work, even if there is nothing at the other end 'listening' yet?
> Thanks ...
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