cvsup fail: Invalid FileAttr.AttrTypes encoding.

Vonleigh Simmons nospam at
Fri Sep 3 01:42:47 PDT 2004

	Running FreeBSD 5.2 Release. Haven't modified anything in the last 
week on the server, yet I'm getting this error when I try to cvsup 
since yesterday. 	The command I'm using is cvsup -g -L 2 
/root/ports-supfile. Here's the last of the output before the error:

  Edit ports/graphics/png/files/patch-ab
   Add delta 1.2 2004. ache
TreeList failed: Error in "/usr/sup/ports-all/checkouts.cvs:.": 64498: 
Invalid FileAttr.AttrTypes encoding.  Delete it and try again.

	What exactly is it asking me to delete?

Vonleigh Simmons

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