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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Thu Sep 2 06:47:23 PDT 2004

First of all,  put a meaningful subject on your messages.
Most of the people on this list are very busy volunteers
who have to scan the message subjects and choose only those
that seem to have meaning.  A message with no subject is most
likely to be ignored/deleted without reading.
> I have a  question. 
> Not long ago i have download the FreeBsd 4.10 operetion system.
> By the installation i have problems.
> I put the cd into the cd-rom and I restarted the computer. 
> The computer boot from the cd and the installation began.
> It looks all ok - the computer was  loading. But then had stop all.
> The last massage was "reading time out" (or somthing like this)
> and the next massage was "resething deveises".
> I think it has somethink to do with my hard drive ( Maxtor 40GB ).
> Please help me with this.

Second, it does sound like a problem with the disk.
Either it is failing or it(with its controller) is 
not supported.   But, there is not enough information
here to know for sure.  You need to say more about your
hardware configuration and any other messages you see.
Especially, try and read the boot up messages to see
if it looks like it is finding the disk.  

I know that is hard - one of the weaknesses of the FreeBSD install
is that it is almost impossible to get at boot up messages during 
installation.   I hope some generous genius will someday improve that.

But, try to hit scroll-lock and page-up and get what you can
make sense of and add that to information about the hardware
and post again - with a meaningful subject line.


> ( sorry for my english )

Your English is good enough, but information for analysis is lacking.

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