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On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 10:55:04PM -0700, vola wrote:
> I have a  question. 
> Not long ago i have download the FreeBsd 4.10 operetion system.
> By the installation i have problems.
> I put the cd into the cd-rom and I restarted the computer. 
> The computer boot from the cd and the installation began.
> It looks all ok - the computer was  loading. But then had stop all.
> The last massage was "reading time out" (or somthing like this)
> and the next massage was "resething deveises".
> I think it has somethink to do with my hard drive ( Maxtor 40GB ).
> Please help me with this.

It's hard to say exactly what went wrong from your report.  It seems
that although sysinstall could be booted from your CDRom, it was then
unable to read everything it needed from the CD.  There's several
reasons why that could have happened:

    i) The BIOS could read your CD OK, but FreeBSD lacks proper driver
       support.  Hence you could boot, but not do anything else much.
       Without knowing the make and model number of your main board,
       or the exact error messages printed out, we can't be sure of that.

   ii) The cd-rom you created was faulty in some way.  Check the md5
       checksum on the disk image you downloaded to be sure it matches
       the ones on the FTP site.

  iii) Which disk image did you download?  If you want everything you
       need to install FreeBSD on one CD Rom, you need to download the
       disk1 .iso:

    iv) Your hard drive or some other part of your system died right
        in the middle of the installation process.  If you're setting
        the machine up for dual boot, does it still boot up in the
        other OS? Or can you temporarily install a different OS on the
        machine to prove that it still works?

If it isn't a hardware problem, and you downloaded miniinst.iso by
mistake, or you don't want to re-download the .iso again just yet, but
the machine you're installing does have internet access you could try
booting from your CD Rom, but setting the installation media to 'FTP':
from the first page of sysinstall go to the Options menu item, then
choose the 2nd item in the second column, press the space bar and then
select one of the FTP options in the window that appears.  You'll be
prompted to set up a network connection of some sort and then after
that the install should proceed as usual.



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