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Wed Sep 1 10:56:08 PDT 2004

> It's been a long time since I've played with Linux in general, last
> one was
> RH. If Mandrake has ipchains or ipfw, I'd say go with either and still
> use
> squid. It's popular, easy to configure, works well and has support. It
> shouldn't need any routing daemon as long as none of the advanced
> routing
> protocols are needed.

I assumed by ``routing'', you meant Network Address Translation (NAT),
which is called natd and is included as part of the base system.
`routed', is a router _discovery_ protocol, and used if your router
has multiple routes and the network is configured to share this

If you simply want an internal network translated to a public IP, use
natd+IPFW (my choice), and if you have more than the default route for
the internal network, for simplicity sake you can manipulate your
routing table and specify static routes using the route(8) command.

...and as I and others have said, squid is probably the best choice
for proxy. Using IPFW with a squid proxy, you can even configure it
for transparent mode, so you don't have to modify the browsers at all.

There are a few docs out there for this...


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