Will this program work as a server program?

Eihab E. Ibrahim eihab at qatar.net.qa
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Subject: Will this program work as a server program?

>I am the president of the worlds smallist film and video online 
>school.The Hirsute film Institute juet recieved its 501c3 this 
>year.Now I need to learn how to operate a server program and 
>some revevant IT techie stuff.The objective is to start putting up 
>the schools actual web site then find students.How can you help 
>me to reach some of that objective.I have another small PC to 
>start as a server.And I can increase the gateway throughput on 
>the Direcway dish that I have.Please contact me back at 
>hboyer at direcway.com

The FreeBSD Handbook is your friend.

It'll walk you through installing and configuring FreeBSD,
setting up Apache web server and much more.

You can find more books/articles on the FreeBSD
website http://www.freebsd.org.

Hope this helped.

Eihab E. Ibrahim

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