Laptops as routers

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Sat Oct 30 21:38:06 PDT 2004

Paul Hoffman wrote:

> Greetings again. I'm looking to buy a couple of cheap old laptops to 
> be used as temporary routers. They just need to be able to handle 
> PCMCIA Ethernet cards, not much more (having an Ethernet connector on 
> the motherboard is fine, of course.) I don't want to run XWindows, and 
> I'm sure 64 MB and a 1gig hard drive would suffice.
> Are there any brands/models I should lean towards? Ones I should avoid?
> --Paul Hoffman
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Here is a better idea!
Step 1: Go dumpster diving for old computers (Pentium 1 or better, 8MB 
IDE Storage Device or better, and a minimun of 48MB/Ram).
Step 2: Grab some networks cards wail your in the dumpster.
Step 3: Install said network cards into computers.
Step 4: Install and configure m0n0wall on said computers.
Step 5: Profit???
Total Cost: $0.00

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