7520 Chipset support in 4.x

TM4525 at aol.com TM4525 at aol.com
Sat Oct 30 16:09:13 PDT 2004

>As in your previous post on the subject, I
>find it no where near as slow as you have stated. For one who couldn't
>figure out how to compile without the witness options and various other
>debug stuff into the kernel and base system, it prolly would be slower.
>After I took this stuff out of the build my benches were greatly improved,
>but alas, not to 4.10 speeds.


The POINT is not how much slower 5.3 is than 4.10 is, its the fact
that a MAJOR chipset isnt well supported in what is SUPPOSED
to be the mainstream, stable release. I know its difficult for you
to stay on point, but at least try to "get" the point before ranting
about the subject. Since you just babble about "your tests" but
have never shown any results, no one really knows what your 
tests test, if anything. The only "test" anyone has posted was
completely bogus (some nonsense about firing packets through
a socket interface), so you just can't say "my tests show"
unless you clarify what you have done.

When 5.3 is released we can banter about benchmarks, as it seems
pointless to do it now since its not done. It may be pointless anyway,
since they've pretty much admitted that 5.3 isn't (yet) going to rival
the efficiency of 4.x. I can accept that, but if 5.x isnt ready, then
important chipsets should be supported in 4.x BEFORE they 
are supported in 5, not when someone gets around to backporting it.

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