First impressions of FreeBSD 5.3

Mark Cullen mark.cullen at
Tue Oct 26 12:44:35 PDT 2004

Gordon Freeman wrote:
> Well, After upgrading a very vanilla 5.2.1 to 5.3 a lot of things are
> just broken.
> ipfstat doesn't run. The error:
> openkmem:open:no such file or directory
> My RAID card (Adaptec 2150 using asr driver) is inaccessible because
> the rasr control device no longer exists. Making raidutil useless.
> And the server runs incredibly slow. (No I didn't leave in the testing options)
> The upgrade was far from smooth for me. Which was mostly my fault
> (/usr/src/UPDATING is a must read) but that doesn't really explain why
> things are running so badly on this box.
> ACPI is disabled, and aside from including IPF and SMP options into
> the kernel, it is a very generic kernel as well.
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Not an answer to your question but on my (old 133MHz) box 5.x is alot 
lot slower than 4.x. But I think the general response there will be... 
you shouldn't run 5.x on such a slow box :)

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