AMD64 Distribution Does Not Boot

Richard Vanderbilt richvan at
Wed Oct 20 18:02:36 PDT 2004

I downloaded the boot only *.iso images from
<>  for the amd64 FreeBSD versions 5.2.1, 5.3-Beta7,
and 5.3-RC1 then created a CD from the image.  When I boot from the CD on my
laptop (Emachines M6805) the boot loader displays the menu, I then hit the
'Enter' key for the default selection which then starts the kernel.  The
cursor at the bottom of the screen starts to spin then stops, and the
program stops responding to any keys pressed on the keyboard.


Are there any issues between the amd64 distribution and the mobile amd 64
processor? Or is there something that I am forgetting to set before booting
up the CD?


I have performed the identical procedure for several of the i386
distributions which boots then installs correctly.


Thanks for any help,


Rich Vanderbilt 

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