Install error OOo-1.1.3 on 4.10p3

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Wed Oct 20 09:55:16 PDT 2004

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 17:59:16 +0200
Benjamin Thelen <bt at> wrote:

> Hi lists,
> I am now really stumped and appreciate you for your assistance. I had 
> this very error already with OOo-1.1.2 on three 4.10p2 FreeBSD boxes 
> in the end of August, posted it to the list, but got no answer. I got 
> along by installing a 1.1.0 package and hoped that this error will be 
> solved in future ports.
> Compiling seems alright. This error-message occurs right after "make 
> install".
> #
> # UGLY hack to not have to specify a X-Display.
> #
> /usr/X11R6/bin/Xvfb :1001 -screen 0 800x600x24 > /dev/null 2>&1 & echo
> $! > /data/ports/editors/openoffice-1.1/work/
> cd: can't cd to 
> /data/ports/editors/openoffice-1.1/work/OOo_1.1.3_src/instsetoo/
> *.pro/01/normal/
> *** Error code 2
> Stop in /data/ports/editors/openoffice-1.1.
> Does anybody know, what's wrong here?
> I then tried "pkg_add -r openoffice-1.1", but the files couldn't be 
> found. After this I asked google, found packages, but they were build 
> against (see thread initiated by Nakata Maho, diskussing using 
> or xFree86). Are there any packages built against xFree86
> available?

until such time as other packages are made available, you can try what i
have done in the past - installing OO despite having the wrong X server.
this method has been successful for me numerous times:

1) download the pkg for your system

2) pkg_add -f openoffice-[ver] 

3) pkgdb -Fu    # almost all the xorg/xfree pieces have very similar
names, so selecting the correct dependency is straightforward.  only
with XFree86-fontScalable might you have to make a choice between
Type1 or TrueType.  both seem to work, but with slightly different
results (i'm not sure which is best and don't much care - but if you
read-up on it, you should be able to figure it out).

4) start openoffice and enjoy.

> ... or do you generally recommend switching to

while xorg is now default on 5.3, what they will do with 4.11 is
unclear (at least to me).  either system (xorg/xfree) will work and
both should be available via ports for the forseeable future.  in short,
it is a matter of preference (or features) -- and a decision which is
entirely up to you.   =]


> Sorry, to bother, thanks for your help!
> Ben
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