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> I appear to have hosed myself and having trouble finding out what I do
> and how to fix it.  It appears that many of my file-systems are now
> saying they are read-only and I can't do anything with them, even when I
> login as root.
> I'm still learning so not a production mess. Can someone point to me how
> a file system can become Read-Only, the file permissions are fine.
> Also can this be repaired if so what should I be reading to learn to do
> that.
> TIA,
> Steve B.

First thing I would look at would be to make sure that the settings in
/etc/fstab are configured to be mount your slices as read write (rw) instead
of read only (r).

Your /etc/fstab should have entries similar to the one below. This would be
a normal one.

/dev/da0s1a             /               ufs     rw              1       1

Where you see rw, if that is an r only, then the file system will be mounted
as read only and cause your problem.


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