Moving from P3 to Xeon

Toomas Aas toomas.aas at
Thu Oct 14 07:03:48 PDT 2004


> Well, that depends on the type of Xeon. There are Xeons build on the 
> Coppermine core (the same as the P3), but if you are migrating to a newer type 
> of Xeon (nocona, for instance) then you could run into problems. Even if your 
> machine boots without problems, it will probably lead to reduced performance. 
> After all, you compiled everything for a P3. Unless you don't have another 
> choice, I would suggest you start over again and compile everything for your 
> new Xeon.

The problem is, I could get this new machine without HDs, so the only 
option would be to move the RAID controller and disks over from the old 
server. And yes, this is P4 Xeon, so it's not the same core.

(Somewhat) reduced performance is not my biggest concern. If I can 
bring the server up (even with reduced performance) then I can rebuild 
stuff as time permits. 

Actually, I was thinking, does the code that GCC 2.9.5 generates even 
make difference between CPUTYPE=p3 and CPUTYPE=p4 ?
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