NCFTP install problems

Malcolm Kay malcolm.kay at
Sun Oct 10 07:12:25 PDT 2004

On Sun, 10 Oct 2004 10:23 pm, Steve Suhre wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running FreeBSD 4.6 and am having trouble installing ncftp 3.1.8. The
> error I get is:
> ....creating sh_util/Makefile
> creating vis/Makefile
> creating config.h
> ===>  Building for ncftp-3.1.8
> -e  's|||'
> /usr/home/steve/Downloads/ncftp3/work/ncftp3.1.8/libncftp/Makefile
> -e: not found
> *** Error code 127
> Anyone have any idea what's missing? The decodeurl.c and decodehost.c files
> are in the proper folder....

Very difficult to know from this.
How did the tree /usr/home/steve/Downloads/ come about and what does it contain.

But you seem to be doing it a hard way rather than through the standard port
installation. If you try to setup your own tree it can be difficult to get
all the references correct and to insure the all the require components are 

You do have the ports database installed at /ust/ports ?
If not then download it or install from your installation CD.
If you don't have the required ncftp3 package then unpack ncftp3.tar.gz in
/usr/ports/ftp. If you already have the source code archives then move them 
to /usr/ports/distfiles.

Now as root go to /usr/ports/ftp/ncftp3 and execute
# make
and if that works
# make install

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