Question about ports

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Wed Oct 6 17:16:35 PDT 2004

Pierre LeBlanc wrote:

>I'm new to the port collection and updating ports with CVSup but I managed to 
>update the ports of my FreeBSD 4.10 system using CVSup.
>Now, I want to upgrade Perl to version 5.6 and I notice there is a perl5 port 
>in the list I`ve seen on:
>But this port is not on my system and to understand how to get perl5 in my 
>port collection, I searched on the Internet for several hours without success.
>Can you refer me a specific page or a chapter in the FreeBSD manual that 
>describe how to do it?
Well see... the thing is is that perl is part of the base system in 4.x 
(and quasi-base in 5.x), FreeBSD is dependent on it. I like to know this 
question too, what are the pros/cons and procedure for updating perl to 
ether 5.6.x or 5.8.x

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