networking problem? maybe

neko hime chibineko_aya at
Wed Oct 6 17:02:03 PDT 2004

Hi there,

i have just installed freebsd 4.9 one of my machies.
This box is configured to be a gateway/router. The
install was a base install, and i recompiled with the
IPFILTER options. Ive added the
net.inet.ip.forwarding=1 to my /etc/sysctl.conf.

When accessing the internet (via ADSL/PPPoE) on the
gateway machine, my downloads are very fast, and im
very happy.

my problem is that when i connect any computer to this
LAN, the speed drops dramatically. For example: From
the gateway machine speed > 90K/s. From Machine
attached to gateway machine speed < 10K/s.

Im not very good with networking, so im not exactly
sure how to troubleshoot this. May someone suggest
something for me to check. I would like to keep my
gateway with freebsd. I hope this wasn't too


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