How-to capture error messages from ... recent instant-workstation

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Tue Oct 5 14:45:02 PDT 2004

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How-to capture error messages from ... recent instant-workstation 
port "make install && make clean" failure on 5.3Beta6...newish, 
mid-range box. What's next, Ollie?

I'm hoping this is the right place to ask this... BAD case of newbie-

And there I was thinking: this is working out all right... [enough 
whingiing] Straightforward installation via downloaded/burned 
mini-iso CD... 	- ftp ports: all binaries, source, X
			- left X for later install

Package selection: cvsup_without_gui-16.h and, using 
finished successfully!

Since this was an othewise new box, a recent beta release 
(when I started!?), & perhaps wrongly assuming I didn't need 
to run portupgrade, I went ahead and tried to install the 
instant-workstation _1.0.8 port. 

The machine began clunking away at 00:30 Fri, Oct 1, and was still 
churning away Sun, Oct. 3 when I left for work. I came back from 
work about 5:30 pm to find the Postfix config screen with all those
	[  ] SASL
	[  ] SASLKRB5 <some snippage>
	[  ] TLS
	[  ] DB42
	[  ] LDAP
	[  ] PgSQL           		...options

As I had with most of the previous port-install config screens, 
I [X]'d as many of the options as I had ever seen/heard in my 
Time of Lurking/reading, pressed RETURN, and looked for-
ward to the imminent conclusion of the port's installation. 

I got an install screen that said I had to choose between the DB 
options offered (4.0/4.2 etc.), but which then dumped me out of 
install process. 

Can someone tell me where to look for how to capture the console 
screens that fly by in the port install process? My scroll-locked look-
back-at shows:  <...paraphrasing> 
	"Building for Postfix-
	<...couple of screens of gobbledygook>
	<...couple of screens of "/usr/lib/ ...
		"...undefined reference to...
	<...several "Stop in /usr/ports/mail/postfix...
	<*** Error code 1">'s

The screens also show that several of the port's components list-
ed in Mr Lehey's Complete FreeBSD  - acroread; bash; fetch-
mail; grip; gimp; gv; ispell; mutt; mozilla; startkde -- installed 
successfully. (Logging in as a non-root user, for example, 
displays a bash prompt.) Maybe I can cd to /<snip>l/postfix and 
resume installing the postfix port separately? I don't need one of 
the three sub-ports that remain un-installed (mkisofs), since this 
machine doesn't have a burner. I *do* want to install gv and xtset,
I think.

But I'm still unclear on what role(s) postfix plays in the 
instant-workstation port, and/or just how much cleaning/tidying
I will have to do manually.

Any help greatly appreciated, although I should mention that, for 
my next trick, I'm looking to configure X... :c)

Kind regards,

Other specs:
AMD Duron 1.6 Ghz, 40 Gb HD, 512 K, SiS 740/741 on-board video..

output from "uname -a":
FreeBSD 5.3-BETA6 
FreeBSD 5.3-BETA6 #0: Sat Sep 25 19:41:14 UTC 2004    
root at wv1u.samsco.home:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  i386 

= df (dave) armour <at> my real box <dought> calm! = # not...

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