Using fetch in http server that requires authentication

Charles Ulrich charles at
Tue Oct 5 06:41:22 PDT 2004

Adam Smith said:
> fetch http://renem:mhall\[\;\]
>> I also noticed the password contains special characters, but I don't know
>> if they'll have to be escaped. Perhaps you do. Any idea? thanks.
> They will.  I have escaped them by prefixing a \ symbol before them.  I
> suggest after this post you change the password.  Even though you haven't
> provided us with much more detail, posting a username and password and
> saying "These are the credentials for our SNAP server" is a big security
> risk, as someone evil might know you by name :)

This may depend on your shell, but you could also escape the whole thing at
once with quotes on each end:

fetch 'http://renem:mhall[;]'

This is often easier and less to type if there are more than 2 characters to
be escaped.

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