video memory on intel extreme graphics?

yuri van Overmeeren yuri.vanovermeeren at
Sat Oct 2 10:45:54 PDT 2004

Jason wrote:

> thanks for the info..
> my bios only has settings for 1Mb and 8M. Ive got it set to 8Mb now..
> so If in my xorg.conf, I have        VideoRam    32768
> does this influence what the video card will use? I have that in my 
> config now.. can I tell how much memory my video card is using?
Yes, if you set it to  1 Mb you probably can not go above 640x480 24bit 
colour in X, I think 1024x768 max but only at 8 bit colour, so 8 Mb is 
As far as I know it's best to leave the VideoRam setting in xorg.conf 
commented out, In most cases the driver detects the memory X can use. 
The setting influences how much memory X uses for video modes, setting 
it too high can cause problems.


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