gnome 2.8 mime associations

Anton Alin-Adrian aanton at
Fri Oct 1 17:59:26 PDT 2004


	I just installed gnome 2.8 from the tinderbox, and 
everything is great and neat, except mimes are completely broken.

	I reinstalled gnome-mime from ports, latest nautilus. The gnome-vfs from 
the tinderbox is the latest.

	Apparantely gnome control center from the tinderbox does not come with the 
capplet for manually setting mimes.

	The mimes in /usr/X11R6/share.. appear to be allright, i tried copying 
them in the $HOME/.gnome/mime-info/ dir but without effect.

	So not only that all mimes are broken, but I also can't add them manually. 
(or i did it in the wrong way by using vi)

	If would really appreciate if anyone knows some possible fix for this and 
shares it with me.

	Thanks a lot for your time.

Yours Sincerely,
Alin-Adrian Anton
Spintech Systems
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