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Kris Kennaway kris at obsecurity.org
Fri Oct 1 15:33:38 PDT 2004

On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 03:25:07PM -0700, Richard Marriner wrote:
> Dear list,
>    Just wondering if there is anyway (preferably simple.) to have two ip
> addresses on the same NIC that are different networks.  
> A little background.  We are in the process of changing ISPs, we now have
> two circuits going to two differnet ISPs.  Because of this change we have to
> renumber our entire network.  Being an ISP ourselves we have a handful of
> servers that run FreeBSD.  While trying to get one of our test servers to
> talk to both networks from the internet we fail, I think because even though
> your request is on the new numbers FreeBSD still trys routing the response
> back through our old gateway.  Another question, I know in Windows XP you
> can set two gateways, two ips, etc.  Can you do this in FBSD?   Our windows
> boxes are talking fine on both networks.

Yes, there's nothing to it..use the 'ifconfig alias' command.

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