Quickie... Hopefully!

Richard Marriner richard at syix.com
Fri Oct 1 15:25:58 PDT 2004

Dear list,

   Just wondering if there is anyway (preferably simple.) to have two ip
addresses on the same NIC that are different networks.  

A little background.  We are in the process of changing ISPs, we now have
two circuits going to two differnet ISPs.  Because of this change we have to
renumber our entire network.  Being an ISP ourselves we have a handful of
servers that run FreeBSD.  While trying to get one of our test servers to
talk to both networks from the internet we fail, I think because even though
your request is on the new numbers FreeBSD still trys routing the response
back through our old gateway.  Another question, I know in Windows XP you
can set two gateways, two ips, etc.  Can you do this in FBSD?   Our windows
boxes are talking fine on both networks.

Any help or suggestions appreciated...

       Richard Dean Marriner II
SYIX.COM  --=--  Network Administrator
530-755-1751x206 - richard at syix.com

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