Root password and single user problems

Marcus Kellis dexter at
Mon May 31 00:12:02 PDT 2004

When moving from the University of Idaho dorms, where I installed FreeBSD
5.2.1, back to my dad's place, my installation got all sorts of crazy,
between DHCP, hostname, and other problems that were I guess part of my
system's configuration. So recently I've been trying to fix them, and get my
system at least backed up so that I can try reinstalling it or putting
Windows back on my computer, but today I happened to overwrite my root
password (and now I don't know what it is), and to top it off, my kernel is
now GENERIC instead of my customized one--which solved the problem where my
BSD installation would hang at "Counters tick every 10.000msec" or whatever
(basically, I needed to disable ACPI.) So booting without ACPI works, but I
can't get into root, and booting as single user hangs on "counters tick...",
so I can't change my root password, and I don't quite know how to boot as
single user AND without ACPI at the same time. Sorry to be so long-winded,
but I'm pretty upset. Thanks for your help.

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