Lee Dilkie lee at
Wed May 26 04:23:06 PDT 2004

>On Tue, 25 May 2004, Noah wrote:
>> sendmail-8.12.11
>> freeBSD-4.9-STABLE
>> I must be doing something wrong.  SMTP AUTH is not working 
>very well for me.
>> I have been trying to authenticate with user and password to port 25.
>> I prefer to send all auth user and password information with 
>SSL encryption.
>> would like SSL Version 3 encryption.
>You've got "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" 
>enabled for 
>the SMTP server in Outlook?

In my experience (outlook 2000, not tested on outlook express) this won't work. Outlook doesn't seem to understand that "use SSL" means "use STARTLS". What I did was to configure sendmail to also support "smtps" (SSL before SMTP) on the smtps port (465) and point outlook at that port with the "use ssl" checked. 

>> I have configured outgoing mail requiring authentication 
>then clicking both
>> with Secure Password Authenticaiton and without.
>That should be "without" for SPA.

Agreed, turn off SPA.



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