spamassassin+filtering with kmail <Solved ?>

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Sat May 22 04:02:21 PDT 2004

Think I got it.
Not that I claim I know what I'm doing, but at last I got it somewhat working.
It's now filtering my " Test Spam messages " and ONLY those, to the desired 
Spamfolder :-), but I doubt it's filtering on the number of  " stars " as I 
wants it to do.

What I did was the following steps :

Create a new filter and rename it to Spam.
Setting Filter Criteria to match any of the following
X-Spam-Flag	contains		YES
X-Spam-Score	contains		*****

Filter Actions :
file into folder	Spam

Advanced Options
x	Apply this filter to incoming messages
x	on manual filtering
x	If this filter matches, stop processing here.

Still intersted in tips and hints on how to get this properly working :-)

/ Regards Hasse.
On Friday 21 May 2004 17.37, Hasse wrote:
> Hi everybody.
> FreeBSD 4.10-PRERELEASE #0
> Just installed MIMEDefang+SpamAssassin+ClamAV on my mailserver,
> and everything is running fine but don't seem to get spamfiltering  on " *
> " to work with KMail.
> My filter looks like this : X-Spam-Score  contains  *    Action: File in
> folder Spam
> Tried different options, but it either moves ALL or NONE to the Spam
> folder. I have changed the report order in mimedefang filter so the stars
> come first. Looks kike this :
> X-Spam-Score: **************************************** (1000.999)
> Any hints ?
> / Hasse.
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