Sluggish performances with Linux

Laurent Goujon laurent.goujon at
Thu May 20 11:56:57 PDT 2004

Hi all,

Currently I have a two computers : 
- The first one is my gateway. It's running Freebsd 5.2 stable, has two
networks cards, a realtek 8139 and a broadcom 4401
- The second one is my laptop and it's running most of the time Linux
(Mandrake cooker with a 2.6 kernel), sometimes winxp (because of the
lack of support for some hardware components) and has a sis900 network

My problem is :
I have very poor performances with tcp streams from my server to my
laptop (0.35 Mb/s), but throughput is normal from the laptop to the
server (90Mb/s) and also (my favorite one) from Internet to my laptop
When I'm running WinXP, all is quite normal.

I've tried to invert network cards on my server, to bypass my switch :
no result

Any idea ?

Laurent Goujon

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