OpenOffice Install in FreeBSD

Andrew Firestone gradeastudent at
Wed May 19 18:38:49 PDT 2004

Anyone have any luck installing OpenOffice-1.1 for FreeBSD 4.9? 
I only get the error below after getting all the bits from the sun site for
the java install that OpenOffice precipitates.

Java HotSpot (TM) Client VM warning: Can't detect initial thread stack

In all the post on this topic I could find the recommended solution was the

kldload linprocfs
mount -t linprocfs linprocfs /compat/linux/proc
with this done rebuild.

After this I still have the same problem building openoffice-1.1 which then
builds the Java. I Have Linux Compatibility 7.1 installed and loaded kldstat
shows it. Any other advice besides giving up on openoffice for FreeBSD?

Kind Regards,


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