Creating ISO image question

Stephen Liu satimis at
Tue May 18 22:29:17 PDT 2004

Hi Joe,

Tks for your advice.

- snip-
> mkisofs -o cd_image.iso <flags from mkisofs man
> page> dir/ ?

Applying following command lines
# mkisofs -o cdimage.raw -R

# mkisofs -R -o cdimage.raw

# mkisofs -o cdimage.raw -R -pathspec

all having same result. The path has not been copied
to the cdimage, only the subdirectories under
'document-AAA' copied.

If adding -J to the command line, cdimage can't be
created with warning 'mkisofs: Joliet tree sort

- snip -
> Generally I use:
> mkisofs -o <filename>.iso -J -R -P "Joe" -sysid
> "BACKUP" -V "<meaningful string>" -l backup/
> Almost always, I use the same name for the
> <filename> and for the
> <meaningful string>.

$ mkisofs -o cdimage.raw -J -R -P "Stephen" -sysid
"BACKUP" -V "/Storage-040517/" -l
Plug and Process-Has the Era of Utility Computing
Finally Arrived.html have the same Joliet name


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