A board with SATA + console redirection (Intel SE7210TP1 or S875WP1)?

Alexey Koptsevich kopts at astro.ioffe.rssi.ru
Fri May 14 18:42:22 PDT 2004


I am looking for a single-CPU (Intel or AMD) board which supports SATA and
console redirection for moderate price (say, less than $250). What I have
found so far are Intel entry server boards SE7210TP1 and S875WP1. Does
anybody have any experience with them? In particular, I am wondering
whether the following are supported by FreeBSD:
 - Intel PRO/100+ 82551QM
 - Intel PRO/1000 82547EI (82547GI?)
 - SATA 6300ESB I/O Controller Hub (ICH5-R) in plain SATA mode

A recommendation of an alternative board would be very much appreciated.


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