The journalling file system saga

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Thu May 13 18:30:12 PDT 2004

> > Yes, for the reasons mentioned below, and strictly for practical personal
> > use because I'd love to be able to share data between FreeBSD and Linux
> > ;)
> Right now, FBSD offers the option to mount ext2 if you've compiled that
> into the kernel - I'd be happy to see a reiserfs option as well. If nothing
> else it would very useful to have the ability to mount reiserfs partitions
> under FreeBSD so that I could read the data I have stored there.

Yes, I am aware of the ext2fs support. However I have avoided ext2fs like the 
plague for quite some time, and probably would not use it even to enable 
linux/freebsd file sharing... The amount of file system korruption 
experienced in the event of an unclean shutdown is just too great, even on a 
personal non-server system.

So yeah, ReiserFS would be great. But I suspect it would also be a lot of 
work. I have googled on this in the past and it seems Namesys/Hans Reiser 
would be perfectly willing to implement such a thing if somebody were willing 
to pay for it.

I personally think ReiserFS would be a very good choice, if additional 
filesystems were to be supported. I say this mostly in light of all the 'next 
generation' features of ReiserFS 4, rather than because of any actual or 
fictional advantages in performance of ReiserFS 3.x as compared to the 
alternatives. The idea of ACID transactions at the filesystem level is just 
too attractive to resist. :)

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