Setting Up IMAP

Jason Dusek jdusek at
Wed May 12 06:29:34 PDT 2004

Hi Everyone,

I have two bsd machines that have seperate connections to the internet. 
I set up one of them with IMAP-UW and stunnel. So I set up Kmail on the 
other one with a recieving account configured to get mail from port 993 
using TLS authentication. This sort of works, but there are interesting 

  Problem 1
My mail server's certificate 'fails' the authenticity test because it is 
self-assigned. Why is this bad (aren't I *supposed* to get a certificate 
  # make cert
in the stunnel port?) and what do I do to get a better certificate?

  Problem 2
Kmail allows me accept the bad certificate and logs in succesfully. It 
then shows me my *entire* home directory, not just the mail folder. Why 
does this happen?

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