Built-in lpr vs CUPS

Andreas Kohn andreas.kohn at gmx.net
Sat May 8 15:53:43 PDT 2004

On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 18:55, Kai Grossjohann wrote:
> The default setup is to include /usr/bin before /usr/local/bin in
> $PATH.  This means that entering "lpr -Pfoo" doesn't work for printing
> on my machine, I have to say "/usr/local/bin/lpr -Pfoo".
> It is obvious that I could change $PATH to mention /usr/local/bin
> before /usr/bin, but is that the right solution?  Surely there is a
> reason for /etc/login.conf to mention /usr/bin first.
> Any thoughts are very much appreciated.

from /usr/ports/print/cups-lpr/Makefile:

        @${ECHO_MSG} "***"
        @${ECHO_MSG} "You can define CUPS_OVERWRITE_BASE=yes in your"
        @${ECHO_MSG} "make.conf to remove base system lpr tools from"
        @${ECHO_MSG} "PATH search. In this case it is recommended to"
        @${ECHO_MSG} "also define NO_LPR=yes, to not write base lpr"
        @${ECHO_MSG} "binaries during next make world"
        @${ECHO_MSG} "***"

That could be a solution to your problem (If I understood it correctly,
that is)

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