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On Sat, 1 May 2004 20:28:37 +0930
"Guy Harrison" <ghar5402 at> wrote:

> Sorry to trouble you
> I am pretty much a N00b with FreeBSD, and my previous experience with
> it consisted of a Squid proxy server running on FreeBSD at work. This
> system has been extremely reliable and hence I wanted to set up a
> similar setup for my home network now that I am on unlimited
> broadband.
> I have downloaded the  "5.2-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso" 

Try at least 5.2.1 or one of the snap-shots from -Current. There have
been a lot of improvements on the 5.x since 5.2-RELEASE.

> file and burnt it onto a CD. I then place it into an older PC and
> received the following error "Error: stack overflow" This line appears
> after the 7 boot options and the ASCII image of a little devil.

BTW, it's not a devil but a daemon and his name in "Beastie"; it will
haunt you if called "devil".

> If I persist with keystrokes it will eventually display the OK prompt
> however the keyboard letters are replaced with windings and arte
> therefore illegible.
> The system is a P200 with 32Mb Ram and 2.5GIG HDD if this helps any.

I'm not sure, but I think you need a little more RAM for 5.x with the
GENERIC kernel, which could explained your error.

Unregistered ;) FreeBSD "user"

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