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K Claussen bayp at
Wed Jan 28 00:56:27 PST 2004

Nicolas wrote:

> I have just installed 5.2 on my machine and everything works. Now I am 
> trying to configure it and I want to put up a firewall but a everything 
> I read seem to refer to a dial up connection, I have a LAN connection.So 
> my question(s) is: is there a difference between a firewall for a dial 
> up connection and a  Lan connection.? And if so what is the difference, 
> where can I read about it and is there any good sites to look at? I have 
> The Complete FreeBSD, the handbook, Absolute FreeBSD......
> I would be very grateful for some help or directions where to look.

Hi, Nicolas:

I just set up something similar. Not sure what kind of configuration 
that you're looking for, but here's an article that helped me a lot in 
setting up my PC. It's an article on setting up a firewall/gateway using 

On a side note, setting up PPPoE in FreeBSD was infinately simpler then 
my old Linux box..

That aside, this as well as the IPFW HOWTO got me all setup and running..

Good luck!

Kurt Claussen <bayp at>
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