SoundBlaster 16 PnP ISA Card on 5.1

Chris Pressey cpressey at
Fri Feb 27 15:36:08 PST 2004

On Fri, 27 Feb 2004 13:25:20 -0500
Philippe Vachon <phirkel at> wrote:

> As I said before, the sound is compressed -- not in the data sense,
> but rather in the analogue sense where the wavelength of a waveform 
> decreases, as does the period. I appologize if I had confused you, but
> I'm not a Software Engineer -- merely a lowly Electrical Engineering 
> Student. :)

Off topic, but in hopes of clearing up the terminology at least, this is
what "compressed" means for audio engineers:

I doubt you're experiencing this... I think you mean your audio is
simply sped up?

> I'm not quite sure what you mean by outdated - does FreeBSD go with
> the Linux Kernel release numbers - odd for development, even for
> stable - or am I missing something, because uname-a tells me I'm
> running 5.1-RELEASE.

5.x are technology preview releases.  The latest in the 5.x branch is
5.2.1.  Odd/even means nothing to FreeBSD release engineering.  See

for more information.


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