Boot and MBR.

Jud judmarc at
Fri Feb 27 02:43:22 PST 2004

On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 20:21:25 -0900, Mark Weisman <mark at> wrote:

>   I've tried setting the MBR within fdisk from the FBSD side of the  
> house, however, it won't set. I go through all the motions, yet when it  
> goes to write it says that it can't write to drsk ad0. I then went into  
> a dos boot using a Windows98 boot disk and made the partition active, it  
> still will not boot into the Windows partition. For the life of me, I  
> cannot think of how to fix this. I need some help, any ideas?

This is only a single hard drive with both XP and FreeBSD, I'm assuming.

You can try three things:

1. Reinstall the FreeBSD bootloader and write the change; or

2. Boot from the Win floppy and type 'fdisk /mbr' (no quotes), or boot  
 from the XP CD, go into the repair console and type 'fixboot' and  
'fixmbr'; then reboot into FreeBSD and reinstall the FreeBSD bootloader; or

3. Do step 2, then boot into FreeBSD from the CD, go into post-install  
configuration, choose to install a normal MBR (not the FreeBSD  
bootloader), write the change, then install GAG (URL in previous message).

There are other options as well, but these should be enough to burden you  
with for now.  :)


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