Boot and MBR.

Mark Weisman mark at
Thu Feb 26 14:16:55 PST 2004

I've got my primary drive divided in two partitions, one partition had
WindowsXP and the other has FreeBSD 5.1-Release on it. I had WindowsXP
installed and working until I put FreeBSD on the second partition and
had it take control of the MBR. I know that the other partition is still
bootable if I can get a pointer to it, currently the boot menu shows it
  F!: ??
  F2: FreeBSD
How can I get that first menu choice to look at the installation on the
first partition as bootable? Making the machine a dual boot between the
two system?

The second question I have, is can I put the command startx into my
rc.conf file to have it boot directly into the x-server? Any help on
these two would be awesome. Thanks.

Res Ipsa Loquitor,
Mark-Nathaniel Weisman
Site Master

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