Looking for ipfw info.

Shaun T. Erickson ste at ste-land.com
Thu Feb 26 11:49:57 PST 2004

JJB wrote:

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> JJB wrote:
>>The problem with all those links is that what they write about is
>>outdated and complete mis-directs the reader into using IPFW's
>>legacy stateless rules when only stateful rules should be used to
>>get the max level of protection.
> The rules she gives in her second article most certainly describe
> creating a stateful firewall.
> Yes for an firewall without an lan behind it

Which is exactly what I'm trying to set up.

> www.a1poweruser.com  Is where you can purchase the complete results
> of my in-depth research, as soon as I complete the buy now button
> function. Check back in  a week.

Can someone who isn't trying to sell me something, corroborate anything 
he's said? It would be nice to hear from someone else, too. :)


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