Looking for ipfw info.

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JJB wrote:

> The problem with all those links is that what they write about is
> outdated and complete mis-directs the reader into using IPFW's
> legacy stateless rules when only stateful rules should be used to
> get the max level of protection.

The rules she gives in her second article most certainly describe
creating a stateful firewall.

Yes for an firewall without an lan behind it

> They also completely ignore the
> problem ipfw has with stateful rules not working when the
> divert/naded subroutine call is used. IPFW has major legacy
> stateful/NAT bug and ipfilter does not.

Can you provide me with links to information that documents this?
There was a very long thread in this questions list that beat this
subject to death some time since the start of this year if I
remember correctly.

> Ipfilter provides an much
> higher level of protection in an LAN environment than IPFW can
> do in it's current state. Even the openbsd pf port is an better
> firewall solution for a firewall with an LAN behind it then IPFW.

Please provide me with links to documentation that objectively
them, so that I can weigh the merits of what you say.
You have to do you own home work and compare then your self like I
Or take my word for it and say yourself a lot of leg work.
I have spent 18 months working on this subject before coming to this
This is not an stab in the dark put the result of much testing and
questioning on this list.
You can access this lists archives at
Then search the questions list archives at

Or select one of the other officially archives which may be more

These official FBSD archives are not user friendly and do not have
search ability.
http://freebsd.rambler.ru/ has search ability but it does not
present the posts in thread form, but in individual posts which is
harder to navigate around.

This is the search URL I use,

It uses the lucky.freebsd.question news group, It's only 8 hours
behind the realtime activity on the FBSD questions list. It presents
the answers to your search in thread format. Be sure to click on
option to search within this newsgroup, or it will search all
newsgroups which dilutes the results.

When searching the archives don't bother going back further than 14
months, generally information older than that is outdated as it does
not reflect the current stable release.

> Please don't continue the FBSD's handbook mis-information about
> being the only FBSD firewall solution or that it's the best
> solution. The handbook is also way behind in it's content being
> current and up to date.

As a new FreeBSD user, there's no way I could possibly know that,
now is
there? I simply passed along what I have found to be useful.

I still need to know the answer to my question about what changes I
to make to my kernel to support a firewall on my server.
There is no mandatory requirement to compile ipfw or ipfilter into
your kernel or that doing so provides any additional security.
The loadable module versions work just fine, and only takes one
comment in rc.conf and a reboot to disable.
www.a1poweruser.com  Is where you can purchase the complete results
of my in-depth research, as soon as I complete the buy now button
function. Check back in  a week.


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