openoffice-1.1 question...

X-Istence xistence at
Wed Feb 25 19:48:05 PST 2004

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Folks, 
> 	On another server I'm trying to build openoffice-1.1.
> 	Finally got the Java stuff to build; now I ran into
> 	this:
> ===>  Configuring for openoffice-1.1.0_3
> FATAL ERROR: Autoconf version 2.50 or higher is required for this script
> *** Error code 2
> 	I *did* have an older autoconf installed with v 2.5.7; then
> 	removed the older version, and reinstalled autoconf-2.57.  
> 	So what gives?  I could install the package; but would like
> 	to build OOo, too.  Anybody??
> 	tia, 
> 	gary

cd /usr/local/bin/

mv autoconf autoconf.old
ln -s autoconf257 autoconf
ls -al auto*

Do that for all of em. It doesnt look for autoconf257, eventhough its 
neatly installed, it goes for "autoconf" which in this case is outdated :).


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