Not able install FreeBSD 5.1 properly.

Julien Gabel jpeg at
Tue Feb 24 10:06:29 PST 2004

>> I am facing problem in installation of FreeBSD 5.1.  The system
>> configuration is – P IV 2.4 GHz with two hard drives & 1 CDROM
>> & 1 CDRW. I am trying to install FreeBSD in primary slave, in a
>> primary partition of size 4GB. I have given 200MB as swap, 1500MB
>> as /usr and rest to / . When it asks for installation source, I
>> selected CDRW. But during the installation process, it never asked
>> for Disk 2. So, it said that it could not find some packages.

> I don't recall using disk 2 during installation; I think it's just
> a rescue disk.

The 'disc2' is a livefs which can be used for emergency purpose, not
for installation.

> I'm wondering if you have simply run out of space on /usr, 1.5GB is
> quite small. A default FreeBSD installation will allocate only a few
> hundred MB for /, and give almost all the space to /usr (/home is
> then linked to /usr/home).

Maybe you can learn more on the real problem by watching the messages
on the second "virtual" console by pressing 'Alt+F2' during the
installation process.

> However, if I were you, I wouldn't install 5.1 at all, now that 5.2
> is available.

Completely, but the installation should function for the old version


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