KDE startup slowly on "initializing system service"

Norberto Bensa norberto+freebsd-questions at bensa.ath.cx
Tue Feb 24 08:42:37 PST 2004

Hello list,

Stephen Liu wrote:
> What I am worrying is OpenOffice 1.1.  Of the 3 OSs, Gentoo 1.4, Debian
> 3.0 and RH9 which I am running, OOo1.1 only works fine on Debian 3.0.
> OOo1.1 and RH9 are poor combination.  It takes long time to start.

How long is a long time? I run Gentoo and OOo1.1 takes 3-4 secs to start*. I 
don't know if that is too long or not as Gentoo is the only flavor of Linux 
I've used.

> I am looking forward 
> to see how it will work on FreeBSD 5.2

Yeah, me too. I just burnt the two install discs :-)

I heard FreeBSD is faster than Linux... We'll see if that's actually true ;-)


* the box is a Pentium III 1Ghz, 512MB RAM. Gentoo 1.4, Linux Kernel 
2.6.3-mm3. OOo was compiled with gcc 3.3.2 IIRC. Everything uses -Os as I 
found it's -in general- faster than -O{2,3}

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