famous 'mac read failed 5'

C.L. Lai [ALAN] clai33 at uwo.ca
Tue Feb 24 05:21:13 PST 2004

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, C.L. Lai [ALAN] wrote:

> i m not the only one... google says
> but there still isn't a solution.
> the problem is, i m using a pcmcia-pci bridge (plx pci9052) w/ a wireless
> pcmcia card(prism2.5)
> together w/ fbsd5.2rc2-sparc64's if_wi driver
> right after the module loading, displaying a few wi0 words, and then says
> 'mac read failed 5'
> then it failed to inilize my wireless device.
> so my question is, is there anyway to solve this problem or other ways to
> get my pci9052 + prism2.5 working on my fbsd
> thank u for reading
> alan

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