freebsd not boot

Pat Saunders Pat.Saunders at
Mon Feb 23 06:52:32 PST 2004

Thanks for the reply.
My PC Hardware is as follows :
Intel Pentium pro .
128K Ram,
npx0 : math processor
ATI Mach64-GZ graphics accelerator
Intel PIIX4ATA33 Controller
USD Controller
4G disk
2 3COM 3C90 Network Cards
USB Keyboard / Mouse

The interrupts are as follows :
<1> Keyboard
<3> and <4> Serial Ports
<5> and <10> 3Com Network Cards
<9> USB Controller
<11> Graphics Card
<12> Mouse
<14> <15> IDE hard disk

The PC boots and displays the Devices and interrupt list :
IDE Controller 14/15
Serial Bus controller 9
N/W controller 5
N/W controller 10
display console 11

it then tries to boot off CD - fail (No CD in)
it then performs another hard reset (I think when trying to boot of Hard

I have tried to install FreeBSD onto a 2G Partition.
I have played around with the Kernel configuration but it still resets at
same point
even when I don't delete any drivers and don't perform Kernel

Through the Fixit CD , I performed a Disklabel . Here are the results :

bytes / sector :512
sectors / track :63
tracks / cylinders:255
sectors / cylinder:16065
cylinders : 259
sectors / unit : 4768387

8 partitions :
		size		offset	fstype	fsize		bsize
a		262144	0		4.2BSD	2048		94
b		1017008	262144	swap					
c		4176837	0		unused
e		524288	1279152	4.2BSD	2048		16384
f		524288	1803440	4.2BSD	2048		16384
g		1849109	2327728	4.2BSD	2048		16384

But I notice there is no /etc/fstab file.
Hope this helps!!

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> Hi,
> I am trying to run freebsd 4.9 on a PC / IDE architecture. 
> I have one IDE drive and two 3COM 3c90 Network Cards and CD-ROM
> The PC will be a dedicated FreeBSD box.
> I have installed freebsd v4.9 , using the whole 4G disk which is
> bootable and installed
> 'Standard MBR - no boot manager' and disabled all the drivers (SCSI)
> that I do not use.
> The problem is when I reboot nothing happens apart from another hard
> reset. The PC then does a Hard reset and the same recursive process
> occurs again. No, useful messages appear at all !!! 
> I have created bootable floppies which I can boot from but I am not
> sure what to perform
> next , apart from re-install with different options which result in
> the same depressing results.
> I am not sure what to do regarding the 'Fixit' option as most shell
> commands do not
> work.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Pat

Well more info on the hardware would be useful...

How far does it get befor it reboots?

Given that you went throught removing all the scsi drivers, I am
guessing this means you made a custom kernel config, could you post
that too.

It sounds sorta like something important got removed from the kernel
or something...


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