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Nathan Kinkade nkinkade at
Mon Feb 23 06:52:06 PST 2004

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 01:14:01PM +0200, dkouroun at wrote:
> Dear Nathan,
> Thank you for replying to my email!
> Thank you for your advices, I will try them as soon as possible. 
> One thing is which I cannot understand! 
> Why shouldn't (the default) generic kernel has such devices like /dev/pcm 
> already loaded like Linux for instance?
> Another issue is that the NVIDIA drivers is so hard to be installed in
> FreeBSD that you prefer you never try do something like that! 
> What I want to say is that people who create FreeBSD, it would be a
> nice idea to have some things fixed for the users. Otherwise our life
> becomes a lot harder!
> Who wouldn't like to have the most stable system in the world for free
> even when it runs Linux applications even faster than Linux? But if
> FreeBSD is so hard to install and configure then you wonder why should
> I get myself in so much trouble when I can do my job easier with Linux
> for instance?
> I don't want to blame you for anything on the contrary I thank you for
> doing all that stuff for free. But I think that for such great
> programmers like you who where able to built such a system from
> scratch it is not so difficult to do some simple modifications which
> will make our life much easier!
> By the way do you know where can I download an C/C++ IDE for FreeBSD
> such that I do not have to create the makefiles myself? Kdeveloper is
> hard for me to use since it generates a lot of useless files. Do you
> have anything nice to suggest?
> Thanks in advance once again!
> Drosos.

A couple things:
1) Always copy the list.
2) Wrap your lines at about 72 characters.

In regards to your comments above, with all due respect it sounds like
you might be happier with Linux, or possibly Microsoft Windows.  The
people on this list are usually more than happy to help you along as you
get used to FreeBSD.  Indeed, questions on this list range from simple
to complex and the majority of questions get at least one response.  The
questions you pose above come across like complaining.  Above you say,
"why should I get myself in so much trouble when I can do my job easier
with Linux."  This is a very good question and I would propose that you
may have already answered it for yourself.  You should use the operating
system that best suits your needs.  If that be MS Windows, great.  If if
be GNU/Linux, great.  If it be MAC OS, great.  If it be SunOS, great.
If it be FreeBSD, all the better.  FreeBSD has many things going for it
and quite a number of people find it very useful, secure and stable.  If
what FreeBSD has to offer doesn't meet your needs, then certainly don't
stick with it for some unknown reasons.

All this said, and I speak for myself and likely most people on the
list, FreeBSD is wonderful operating system.  Once you get used to it, I
suspect that you will find it very intuitive and easy to use.  Like
anything, it takes time to become acquainted with some; so, give it time
and patience.  In the mean time, welcome to FreeBSD, read the relevant
portions of the FreeBSD handbook at, search for answers
on your favorite search engine, use patiences, learn, ask questions on
freebsd-questions maillist.

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