Rebooting problem

Stephen Liu satimis at
Sun Feb 22 21:27:01 PST 2004

>> Version 5.2
>> new installation
>> On rebooting it hangs on
>> .....
>> syncing disks, buffers remaining ... 5 5
>> done
>> Uptime: 45m45s
>> Shutting down ACPI
>> Rebooting...
>> Keyboard reset did not work, attempting CPU shutdown.
>> It hanged here and I have to make a 'hard reboot' by pressing 'reset' 
>> key
>> Kindly advise is it the size of SWAP insufficient?   If 'YES', kindly 
>> advise how to check it and increase its size.
> I had this problem some time back with 5.0 on an older system of 
> mine.  I was never able to resolve the problem, as it seemed to be a 
> EIDE controller related problem.  I downgraded (to then) 4.7 and never 
> had any problems after that.  Just today, however, as I was working on 
> upgrading to 5.2 on the same system, the hard drive and the controller 
> that had been problematic back then, failed.  I just put in a new hard 
> drive and the system works fine (with a new install), so I am assuming 
> it may have been an issue with both controller and disk.  I remember 
> at the time there was information on the mailing list about their 
> being problems with the EIDE controller I was using.  You might want 
> to start by making sure that your controller hasn't caused anyone else 
> problems (via checking the mailing list archives).  It might also be 
> that your hard drive is slowly failing.  If it is a newer drive, I 
> would imagine that less likely, though.  Someone else, here may have 
> better advice, however, as I don't know too much about the drivers 
> built in to the kernel for controllers.  As I said, my short-term 
> solution was going back to a more stable version of FreeBSD...

Hi Steve,

Tks for your advice.

This PC is for test only.  The hard drive is a new ATA100 drive 
connected to a ATA Controller.  I have another hard drive, mounted on a 
mobile rack, of similar model running Gentoo on this PC.  It works 
without problem.  I think downgrading to older  version might solve this 
problem.  I will finish testing this version first and then changing to 
verison 4.9 later to continue testing FreeBSD.


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