Rebooting problem

Steven N. Fettig freebsd at
Sun Feb 22 20:59:15 PST 2004

Stephen Liu wrote:

>  **
> Hi all folks,
> Version 5.2
> new installation
> On rebooting it hangs on
> .....
> syncing disks, buffers remaining ... 5 5
> done
> Uptime: 45m45s
> Shutting down ACPI
> Rebooting...
> Keyboard reset did not work, attempting CPU shutdown.
> It hanged here and I have to make a 'hard reboot' by pressing 'reset' key
> Kindly advise is it the size of SWAP insufficient?   If 'YES', kindly 
> advise how to check it and increase its size.
> B.R.
> Stephen Liu
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I had this problem some time back with 5.0 on an older system of mine.  
I was never able to resolve the problem, as it seemed to be a EIDE 
controller related problem.  I downgraded (to then) 4.7 and never had 
any problems after that.  Just today, however, as I was working on 
upgrading to 5.2 on the same system, the hard drive and the controller 
that had been problematic back then, failed.  I just put in a new hard 
drive and the system works fine (with a new install), so I am assuming 
it may have been an issue with both controller and disk.  I remember at 
the time there was information on the mailing list about their being 
problems with the EIDE controller I was using.  You might want to start 
by making sure that your controller hasn't caused anyone else problems 
(via checking the mailing list archives).  It might also be that your 
hard drive is slowly failing.  If it is a newer drive, I would imagine 
that less likely, though.  Someone else, here may have better advice, 
however, as I don't know too much about the drivers built in to the 
kernel for controllers.  As I said, my short-term solution was going 
back to a more stable version of FreeBSD...

Steve Fettig

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