Clarification needed on Handbook: Tracking for Multiple Machines

D J Hawkey Jr hawkeyd at
Sun Feb 22 09:20:41 PST 2004

OK, I've cross-posted this message to -hackers, to see if we can get
some sort of definitive [to me] answer. Please forgive if it's considered
bad form.

-hackers: There is a thread in -questions in response to my query as
to building the world and kernels for a variety of Intel CPUs on one
machine. For brevity's sake, I won't reproduce the entire thread here.

OK, I guess my question boils down to these, then:

True or False: Setting CPUTYPE to the lowest target CPU ("p2") in
a build machine's make.conf will cripple the performance of target
machines with higher CPUs ("p3", "p4", "i586", "i686", etc.).

If "True", for optimized code across all machines, the code should
just be built on each machine, right?


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